Facing Your Legal Issues Together

Whether you are injured or facing the care of an elderly or disabled loved one, legal situations are stressful, overwhelming and complex. Administering or contesting the estate of a loved one, applying for the guardianship or adoption of a minor, or serving as a trustee or other agent for a loved one is difficult without the right legal professional on your side. A relationship with Wunderlich & Shimer Law will give you the confidence to make difficult decisions, ease your burden and ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

Whether you find yourself the victim of a motor vehicle or other accident, or in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a probate or elder law matter, you need a lawyer to help you through it. We at Wunderlich & Shimer Law in Joliet, Illinois, have dedicated ourselves to providing personalized, top-notch representation in these and other legal matters.

We Work For You

Founded originally in 1998 as the Wunderlich Law Office and continuing now as Wunderlich & Shimer Law, our attorneys, Gary Wunderlich, Wade Shimer and Jamie Shimer, have over 45 years of combined experience. They have the professionalism, knowledge and expertise to represent you in these matters from start to finish. Our attorneys are prepared for anything, and their aggressive approach means they are not afraid to litigate if your situation demands it.

More than anything, our attorneys and staff work for you. We give each of our clients the personalized, dedicated representation he or she deserves. You will work directly with one of our lawyers from the outset, and we pride ourselves on our accessibility, compassion and dedication to our clients. We want you to feel welcome and more importantly, protected as we work together through your legal issue.