Handling Personal Injury Defense With Expertise And Compassion

Individuals who have suffered severe injury have a lot on their plates. With steep medical bills and lost wages resulting from their injury, it is certainly within their rights to file a personal injury claim if they believe negligence caused it.

However, while compensation may be warranted in these situations, individuals and businesses — as well as their insurance companies — on the other end of these matters need to ensure that a claimant is not taking advantage of their situation to receive an exorbitant settlement. At Wunderlich & Shimer Law in Joliet, Illinois, our attorneys represent insurance companies and individuals in personal injury defense as well as fighting for those who are recovering from unfortunate injuries.

Focused On The Individual

In most cases, insurance companies hire us to defend you, the individual, in claims where you have been perceived as negligent and may have been responsible for another's injury. We understand how devastating and emotional this kind of situation can be. We will lead you through the process from start to finish and give you support and peace of mind as you reckon with these accusations.

On the other hand, our extensive experience defending against personal injury claims gives us a unique perspective when litigating on behalf of the injured person. We do not back down from litigating a complex injury or scenario that resulted in injury to you or your loved one. Through our defense work, we understand how insurance companies and employers evaluate your injury and can work to maximize your recovery, ensuring you and your family are made as whole as possible. We are experienced trial attorneys, and we take pride in counseling you regarding the most realistic outcome of your legal issue.

Our No. 1 goal is to ensure you have the tools, knowledge and advice you need to make this process as easy as possible. We will handle all aspects of litigation ourselves and do whatever we can to ensure you are protected from these circumstances and the outcome of the lawsuit is mitigated.

We Will Not Back Down From Litigation

Many personal injury cases end in settlement. Our lawyers understand when a scenario calls for a settlement because of other risk factors. You can count on us to counsel you with practicality and with an eye toward being as cost-effective as possible. That being said, our attorneys are no strangers to the courtroom. We will take your matter all the way to trial if the situation calls for it. We are unafraid to litigate. Our firm regularly takes personal injury cases to trial with great results. We have recovered millions of dollars for our injured clients. Our approach is aggressive when the situation calls for it, and if that means taking a case to trial, we are ready to do it.

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Let Wunderlich & Shimer Law handle your personal injury or other litigation needs. Our focus is on our clients, and we will make sure each individual we represent feels heard and understood while aggressively advocating for him or her at every turn. Contact our office today by calling 815-726-3144. You can also send an email.